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Laws and Regulations • 28.06.2021
New law against the illegal traffic of HFCs in Germany
The key to counteract the illegal trade of HFCs in Europe is the joint action of member states and value chain actors
Laws and Regulations • 21.10.2015
Air Handling Units: the new Eurovent code clarifies the Directive
Eurovent Commission published a new code to clarify the EU Directive on AHUs. “AHU without controller are complete machines” is the main message.
Laws and Regulations • 13.02.2014
The Revision of the F-Gas Regulations was approved by the The European Parliament’s environment commitee ENV
(Bruxelles) Now the proposal on F-gas regulations should be agreed by the Parliament in a Plenary session.
Laws and Regulations • 14.10.2013
UE about to introduce the PAR, Patentino Alternative Refrigerants
The European Commission has established that only qualified and certified operators will be allowed to handle them thanks to a dedicated Patentino for alternative refrigerants (PAR).
Laws and Regulations • 04.10.2013
EU gave up to the electric heater manufacturers lobbying on energetic label
Electric heaters to have a dedicated energy label in the EU Regulation.
Laws and Regulations • 10.05.2013
Photovoltaic, EU: up to 30% duties on Chinese solar panels
On the table of the European Commission there is a measure that should come out by June 6.
Laws and Regulations • 18.03.2013
New EU energy label for all hydronic systems and Ecodesign
New EU regulation supplementing Directive 2010/30/EU with regard to the energy labelling of space heaters, combination heaters, packages of space heater, temperature control and solar device and packages of combination heater, temperature control and solar device.
Laws and Regulations • 21.05.2012
USA – taxes on Chinese solar panels
Laws and Regulations • 03.01.2012
Cogeneration: new guidelines for investment
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