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New EU Directive for heated water metering systems

The new European Directive 2012/27/UE promotes energy efficiency in the climate and energy package, with targets for 2020 and beyond and a focus on heated water metering systems.

All EU Member States will have to transpose the Directive by June 5, 2014, setting national targets for improving energy efficiency according to indicators of primary energy consumption.

These actions required at national level:
- Renovation of existing buildings, especially public ones, according to the requirements of Directive 2010/31/EU;
- Purchase of products and services with high efficiency by governments;
- Promotion of energy audits for high quality, able to address properly the customers;
- Spread of control and metering systems that will enable the customers to monitor their consumption;
- Clear and transparent informations to all the stakeholders on energy efficiency mechanisms.

The Directive also speaks of heat metering: by December 31, 2016, each housing unit portion of a building or multipurpose building served as district heating or central heating systems will have to draw individual meters that measure the consumption of heat and hot sanitary water.

The text of the Directive also specifies the possibility to introduce transparent rules for apportioning the costs associated with the consumption of heat for local use and for collective housing units and / or hot water to meet energy needs.