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Isolcomit S.r.l. • 23.11.2017
Acoustic insulation for big HVAC/R plants
For over 30 years Isolcomit dealing with acoustic insulation on industry and provides its customers with seriousness and competence in the field of safety and worker protection from damage due to noise pollution

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Zanotti Spa • 02.11.2015
A cool storage logistics warehouse for frozen foods with low energy consumption
Low energy consumption and high standards of safety are the foundations of Zanotti's project: a cool storage logistics warehouse for the storing and distribution of frozen foods.
Zanotti Spa • 20.07.2015
Cooling systems for the food industry: Zanotti's story
Energy savings, high reliability and manageability. These were Zanotti Spa's objectives, a company specialized in the manufacturing of cooling and air conditioning systems for the entire cold chain. For the food industry, Zanotti has developed a highly innovative cold storage system.
Apros S.r.l. • 09.07.2015
Range Apros Dynamic Two: chimney systems for outdoor
Dynamic Two, Dynamic Two Copper, Dynamic Two Black Color and Copper Color are chimney systems in double wall stainless steel for outdoor, which belong to Apros range of products. Features such as high temperature performance and long service life, ensure the safety and quality of these metal chimneys.
Enolgas Bonomi S.p.a. • 17.06.2015
A valve-actuator set designed to spec, for a highly innovative application in the HVAC sector
This project has been developed for a leading manufacturer of solutions that guarantee optimal energy savings in the control of temperatures in buildings, offering innovative quality products and services that ensure improved efficiency, operation and control of HVAC systems.
Tecnoacque • 30.03.2015
The treatment of potable water: legislation and solutions

“Salus per Aquam” - health through water - so said the ancient Romans. This is of course still true, above all when we are talking about the treatment of potable water. In order to protect our health, there is a legal obligation to safeguard the integrity of mains water intended for human consumption, right through to the tap or point of use.

Aerfor Srl • 18.02.2015
KONRAD, hybrid terminals in Class A
A building with a low energy class, hence very energy-consuming, and with low environmental comfort, suffers today a commercial devaluation of even -20% per year (source: ISTAT and other national statistics). Instead a property with a high energy class and a good air conditioning system for both winter and summer, now holds the market prices.
Itap Spa • 07.10.2014
How to choose the stainless steel manifolds for radiant heating system
Pre-assembled manifolds are used to distribute heat-transfer fluid inside a system. They can be used in traditional radiator systems, and innovative under-floor radiant systems
Aerauliqa Srl • 14.05.2014
How to evaluate differences in residential heat recovery ventilation units
Residential ventilation units differ greatly across features, performance and construction type
Bitron Hvac Systems (bitron Industrie Spa) • 30.04.2014
Systems integration and Electronics: the wide range of solutions for boilers made by Bitron
For over 50 years, Bitron Group has developed mechatronic components with a vertical integration of technologies that allows to reach a total control on the whole production cycle. Bitron experience in the different markets is an important plus, especially for the know-how transfer in development and production of boilers.
Bisol Srl • 08.11.2012
BISOL EasyMount HDPE Base 200: A winning mounting solution for flat roofs
BISOL EasyMount HDPE Base 200 is a premium mounting solution for PV installations which requires no roof penetration and is appropriate for flat roofs or other surfaces with up to 5° incline.
Alfasolar Gmbh • 08.11.2012
Pyramid: modules photovoltaic by highest yield and quality
alfasolar Pyramid modules are photovoltaic panels which distinguish themselves by highest yield and quality, thanks to the unique features and alfasolar's know-how and long lasting experience in manufacturing.
General Membrane Spa • 05.11.2012
The largest integrated photovoltaic system in Italy: 21,000 tons of CO2 saved and 33 million KWh energy produced
We present the innovative system GENERAL SOLAR PV
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