BISOL EasyMount HDPE Base 200: A winning mounting solution for flat roofs


Extremely light, easy to install and cost-effective!

BISOL EasyMount HDPE Base 200 is a premium mounting solution for PV installations which requires no roof penetration and is appropriate for flat roofs or other surfaces with up to 5° incline.

The innovative mounting solution fixes the modules at side edges in landscape position at a 20° angle and allows free air flow below the photovoltaic modules for effective cooling. It combines superior design with durability for extreme ease of installation and long-term performance.


Up to eight times faster installation is achieved in three simple steps: laying the HDPE bases, placing PV modules between bases and locking-in the PV modules using round plugs.

BISOL EasyMount HDPE base 200 is made of UV-resistant high-density polyethylene with carbon black UV stabilizer, giving the base a long life span. Strictly high-quality recyclable materials leave a positive mark on the environment.



Technical specifications:


Flat roofs (gravel, bitumen, FPO o PVC foil)

Roof incline

Up to 5°

Module angle


Module orientation



5,5 kg

Snow load

0 - 2,50 kN/m2

Wind load (velocity)

0 - 90 km/h


UV-resistant high-density polyethylene/carbon black (HDPE base 200), glass fibre reinforced polypropylene (round plugs)

Additional stabilization

Ballast, wind shields, steel wire



• No roof penetration
• Quick and easy installation – no tools required
• Lightweight
• Efficient cooling
• Optimal PV module inclination for best yield to power installed ratio
• Low cost
• Made of high-density UV-resistant HDPE
• Recyclable
• Economically stackable



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BISOL EasyMount HDPE Base 200: A winning mounting solution for flat roofs
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