Systems integration and Electronics: the wide range of solutions for boilers made by Bitron

For over 50 years, Bitron Group has developed mechatronic components with a vertical integration of technologies that allows to reach a total control on the whole production cycle.
Bitron experience in the different markets is an important plus, especially for the know-how transfer in development and production of boilers.

Hydraulic Groups

Bitron Group proposes to the global market of the gas wall hung boiler manufacturers an integrated solution that covers a wide range of boiler configuration.

The Bitron Hydraulic Group is produced, assembled, tested and delivered to the customer ready to be mounted into the boiler.
A wide choice of pumps for Combi and Bithermic versions and multi plate heat exchangers for Combi versions permits to suit every technical and marketing request.

Integration of components designed, developed and produced by the Bitron Group will guarantee the customer logistic a lead time reduction, low stock volume and a single main partner.


Composite 2 ways taps

Taps for the connection of the wall hung boiler to CH and DW circuits.

Easy manual operation with visual feedback of open or closed status.


Components and Sensors


Safety Valve

This valve provides protection against overpressure of CH or DW circuit.
If pressure exceeds the nominal value, the valve opens automatically to discharge the overpressure.

Different configurations are available.
As option, it is also available an additional device for the draining of the water.



It provides the hydraulic connection between the sanitary net to the CH circuit. An internal pressostatic device prevents the back flow from the CH circuit to the sanitary net before the Delta pressure between the two is 10% threshold. The disconnector conforms to the UNI EN 1717-2002 type CA specification. A special connector can be provided by Bitron to satisfy IP44 protection grade.


Temperature sensor
type tr-300

The TR-300 is a temperature sensor for direct measurement of water temperature immersion in the medium.


Modulating motor

AC modulating motor for heating applications.
Controlled movement direction with 3 points 230V AC or 24VAC and analog input.
Linear or rotative type are available.

Electronic controls, user interfaces and inverters


Heat Exchanger


Electronics is one of Bitron Group core business.
Almost 30% of our consolidated sales is attributable to Electronics research & development and production of systems and components for different OEMs.


The Bitron Heat Exchanger is an innovative product in the boiler market: it is flexible and easy to customize.
Flexibility is particularly obvious when looking at the exhaust pipe layout and the hydraulic connections. Both offer the advantage of easy combinations at the early stage of a new boiler design but also on existing products.


BoilerApp - The App for boilers developed by Bitron HVAC Systems

The BoilerApp is an application for tablets and smartphones that allows to control the Boiler via Wifi.

With the BoilerApp the user can monitor the boiler remotely, displaying in real-time all data related to temperature, operating status, faults.

With the BoilerApp it’s possible to change all parameters and settings of the Electronic Control.


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Systems integration and Electronics: the wide range of solutions for boilers made by Bitron
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