Acoustic insulation for big HVAC/R plants

For over 30 years Isolcomit dealing with acoustic insulation on industry and provides its customers with  seriousness and competence in the field of safety and worker protection from damage due to noise pollution.

In industry and civil environments open to the public, the noise coming from refrigeration plant or machinery can cause serious damage to health.

It is often difficult to confine the sources of noise, therefore the solutions implemented for reducing the acoustic problem may be sometimes not completely satisfactory.


Our technicians can find the best custom solution, based on the type of source, its location (inside or outside), the risk of exposure to noise, in order to reduce the excessive noise within the values ​suggested by the current regulations.

Isolcomit can rely on his great experience over the years as the protagonist of hundreds of works of soundproofing, studies and clearance. Engineer Todeschini, Isolcomit CEO, states: "In addition to acoustic insulation we also provide solutions for the air conditioning, fire protection equipment, electrical systems and ventilation and photovoltaic panels"

Sound proofed booths for refrigeration systems

These sound proofed booths are used to protect operators in industrial installations where there is a high level of environmental noise, while they preserving the maximum accessibility and ease of maneuver for the workers.


The booths can be fitted with mobile supporting in order to enable them to be moved and installed in different positions along the production line being treated.
The paneling and fully disassemblable structural framework also allow for a speedy intervention and servicing of the sound-insulated parts of the industrial plant.

L’isolamento acustico di grandi gruppi frigoriferi

Refrigeration plant before and after

Types of installations for which it may be necessary a sound insulation

  • Hydraulic turbines, steam and gas;
  • Refrigeration systems;
  • Turbo generators and WTE (waste to energy);
  • Compressors
  • Generators and cogenerators;
  • Steel plants;
  • Air conditioning plants and refrigeration units;

Main technical characteristics

  • Load-beraing structure made of galvanized or stainless steel, or aluminium profiles;
  • Isophon sound-insulating and sound-absorbing panel, connected with self-tapping screws and completely disassembllable;
  • Sample surface areas of glass, electrical and ventilation systems, and automation on request;
  • External finish with paintwork of various type and color, according to the various installation needs (flameproof, for marine environment, etc).
L’isolamento acustico di grandi gruppi frigoriferi
L’isolamento acustico di grandi gruppi frigoriferi

Cool towers before and after


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Acoustic insulation for big HVAC/R plants
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