Pyramid: modules photovoltaic by highest yield and quality

alfasolar Pyramid modules are photovoltaic panels which distinguish themselves by highest yield and quality, thanks to the unique features and alfasolar's know-how and long lasting experience in manufacturing.

The Pyramid modules are available in different sizes with 54, 60 and 80 cells, with performance range from 200 Wp to 325 Wp and of course only positive tolerances.


Pyramid 54

Pyramid 60

Pyramid 80

Pyramid 60 mono

alfasolar 230+

alfasolar 300+

alfasolar 310+

Dimensions (mm)

1465 x986 x35

1623 x986 x35

1623 x1303 x35

1623 x986 x35

1623 x986 x35

1623 x1303 x35

1623 x1303 x35

Weight (kg)








Number of cells

54 (poly)

60 (poly)

80 (poly)

60 (mono)

60 (poly)

80 (poly)

80 (poly)

Positive sorting

-0/+5 Wp

-0/+5 Wp

-0/+5 Wp

-/+ 2,5 Wp

-0/+5 Wp

-0/+4 %

-0/+4 %

Power range (Wp)

200, 205, 210 215, 220*

230, 235, 240, 245*

310, 315, 320, 325*

250, 255, 260




Module efficiency (%)

up to 15,2

up to 15,3

up to 15,4

up to 16,3

up to 14,4

up to 14,2

up to 14,7

* available in limited quantities only


Why higher yield?

The pyramid shaped glass surface works like a light trap which leads to a gain in yield even at low angles of incidence of light, allowing energy production for a longer period of time from early morning to dusk. Besides the yield is improved even with unfavorable alignments.

alfasolar first used this type of technology (2006) that reduces the reflection of solar rays to the atmosphere by redirecting parts of the refracted rays to the cells.

The glass thickness of 4mm, high transparent glass with low iron content, extremely smooth, non-porous microstructure of the glass surface guarantee excellent mechanical strength, high light transmission and self-cleaning.

alfasolar achieves best partial load performance by using selected solar cells and particular efficient soldering.

The electrical characteristics of the modules allows Pyramid, with its peak efficiency of 15.4%  (16.3% for monocrystalline), to stand out among competitors panels, thus providing an excellent power / surface relation.

In summary, the advantages of the module Pyramid are:
• 3,5% more performance from perpendicular irradiance;
• 20%  more performance from oblique irradiance (80°);
• excellent response in case of low irradiance;
• self-cleaning effect.

The advantages of alfasolar Pyramid modules are confirmed by studies on pyramid structured glass conducted by the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG.

Why higher quality?

alfasolar always focuses on the quality of its products and makes it a real strength and market differentiation.

This is possible thanks to a twenty-year experience in the field, German know-how and by using only high quality components including cells with peak efficiency of 17%.

Therefore the 10-year warranty on the product and the linear 25-year warranty on performance is a matter of course with alfasolar.



The best warranty - 25 years warranty linear performance

• alfasolar guarantees in the first year a module performance of at least 97% (polycrystalline) respectively 96% (monocrystalline) of the maximum performance (Pmax) shown on the data sheet valid at the time of sale;

• In the following 24 years an annual reduction in module performance by a maximum of 0.7% (polycrystalline) respectively 0.67% (monocrystalline) of the maximum performance (Pmax) shown on the data sheet valid at the time of sale is guaranteed;

• At the end of the performance guarantee period (25 years after the dispatch date) the guaranteed performance is 80.2% (polycrystalline) respectively 80.2% (monocrystalline) of the maximum performance (Pmax) shown on the data sheet.



alfasolar uses:
• strong 3 layer rear foil with high insulation-breakdown resistance;
• Spelsberg junction-box with Schottky diode;
• high-quality and extremely slim connectors with twist-lock and halogen-free;
• UV-resistant Radox cable.

The floating embedding of the laminate with special UV-resistant silicon within the frame ensures highest protection of the sensitive glass edges.

The very strong, internally toothed hollow section frame of only 35 mm allows maximum load- bearing capacity of 800 kg and an optimum packing density of 40 modules per pallet.



What else?

The considerable reduced glare of the Pyramid glass allows to use the modules for PV plants close to airports, highways or in listed areas.

As aesthetics is going to be more and more important, Pyramid modules are available with black frame and black or transparent rear foil optionally.



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Pyramid: modules photovoltaic by highest yield and quality
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