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Companies • 12.12.2018
Fan coil from the FNL series by Aerfor, the ideal solution for hotel rooms given its minimal noise levels
EXTREMELY QUIET fan coils from the FNL series offer maximum silence and comfort, the ideal solution to ensure a resting environment in hotel and hospital rooms
Companies • 15.05.2018
OCTOPUS is now predisposed also for solar system applications!
This is the system we were looking for, the only one able to guarantee the maximum comfort, completed in all the parts and ready to be installed easily!. Now predisposed also for solar system applications!
Companies • 09.02.2017
OCTOPUS climatization System: every component for the maximum efficiency. Heating, cooling, hot water, clean air
OCTOPUS System is complete of Heating pump (THRON) to supply Hot Domestic Water and warm or cold water to the terminal unit Octopus, granting both CLIMA and ventilation to the house. 
Companies • 01.09.2015
The supersilent series of Fancoil units mod FNL by Aerfor
Aerfor presents Fancoil FNL series: they are supersilent and versatile, and best for hotels.
Companies • 06.05.2015
FIPA: The revolutionary fancoil
The italian company Aerfor developed the first Fancoil where the main components are assembled like in a little air handling unit.

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