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Aerfor Srl 01.04.2019

Double Duct Aerfor, air conditioners without outdoor unit

These products can solve in an optimal way a whole range of installation difficulties ensuring easy installation, intuitive use with care at energy saving.
The range of air conditioners without outdoor unit has been created to meet the installation needs which are not possible with the traditional split systems. The advanced design of these products allows to solve in an optimal way a whole range of installation difficulties ensuring easy installation, intuitive use with care at energy saving.

The Air conditioners without outdoor unit unlike the split, can be installed without problems everywhere. DOUBLE DUCT air conditioner finds particular use in historical city, blocks of flats, in hotels, in prefabricated structures and structures subject to the constraint of Fine Arts.

ICOOL: Invisible air conditioner A/A Class

ICOOL model is particularly suitable for bedroom with 20- 25 square meter surface.
Thanks to the function of the heat pump it can be used to cool in summer and to heat in winter.
The machine noise level in fan mode is only 27 dBA, measured at one meter distance from the source (Sound Pressure Level).
When the compressor is ON, in air conditioning or heat pump mode, the noise level rises up to 37-40-46dBA, which is still an appreciable good performance.

METROPOLITAN: the most complete and the cheapest without rival in the world market

Metropolitan air conditioner is designed for high or low wall installation.
It’s the cheapest monoblock in the world with no rival in both categories of machines, with on/off compressor or inverter.

10 HP
Heating power: 2.35 kW (8.013 BTU/h); cooling power: 2.41 kW (8.218 BTU/h).
12 HP
Heating power: 2.55 kW (8.695 BTU/h); cooling power: 2.75 kW (9.377 BTU/h).
12 HP inverter
Heating power: 1.8-3.0 kW (6.000-10.200 BTU/h); cooling power: 1.8-3.1 kW (6.000-10.500 BTU/h).

INVISE water: TRIAL POWER technology

INVISE Water is designed for being installed anywhere, either in the lower part of the wall, in a niche or highwall. Thanks to its unique function TRIAL POWER, it is the air conditioning monoblock with the lowest noise level in the market and with the highest seasonal efficiency, higher than any inverter air conditioner.

With these peculiarities this model is suitable for rooms of 30-35 square meters and it is an optimal solution for hotel rooms.

The very low noise level of 27 dBA in hydronic heating mode makes INVISE Water ideal for hoteliers and in all cases of restoration. The comfort given by this model is at top and impossible to be achieved with other air conditioners monoblock.

The external air intake with heat exchanger plates of 70% efficiency reduces the concentration of CO2 , without wasting energy. This function is particularly important for hotel rooms where guests stay.

INVISE WZ-32: high performance without compromise

WZ-32 is the most powerful heating pump without external unit in the world market.

3.35 Kw cooling performance, 4.02 Kw heating performance.

INVISE WZ-32 is designed for floor standing installation but suitable also for high wall.

WZ-32 è la più potente macchina senza unità esterna nel mercato mondiale. Questa macchina monoblocco può climatizzare ambienti di 40-50 m2 con grandi carichi termici.
Potenza in riscaldamento: 4.02 kW (13.964 BTU/h); potenza in raffreddamento: 3.35 kW (11.420 BTU/h).

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Double Duct Aerfor, air conditioners without outdoor unit
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