Very High Energy Efficiency Complete Air Conditioning System OCTOPUS

Octopus is a heat recovery and an air treatment unit that allows you to heat, condition, dehimidify and renew the air of the whole building.


Developed for residential buildings of class A and B but not only, the integrated system for air conditioning Octopus by Aerfor is designed for environments that are free from gas pipes, Radon and odors.


Speed and Simplicity of Installation


  • SCOP and SEER indices among the highest on the market, guaranteeing superior performance;
  • Free walls. The only visible presence is that of the air distribution grids;
  • Bi-zone control with touch panel (touch screen) with presence backlighting (day and night);
  • THRON heat pumps compliant with Eurovent specifications;
  • Full range of accessories.

Technical features

The system consists of a heat pump (THRON) to supply domestic hot water and hot or cold water to the OCTOPUS terminal unit, ensuring both climate and ventilation.
OCTOPUS, the unit from which the whole system takes its name, is a high efficiency VMC air conditioner with integrated heat recovery (up to 90%).
The environments are therefore free from stale air, Radon and bad smells, without wasting the thermal energy stored outside.
Operating range between -20 ° C / + 43 ° C.

The Octopus system is available in 4 powers (6, 8, 12, 15 kW) and with two air distribution units, for environments from 40-70m2 (with 1000m3 / h of treated air with exchanges up to 100m3 / h) or for rooms from 70 to 140m2 (with 2000m3 / h and exchanges up to 200m3 / h).

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Very High Energy Efficiency Complete Air Conditioning System OCTOPUS
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