Fan coil units FIPA by Aerfor

Fan coil units FIPA by Aerfor, the lowest noise units on the market


Fan coil units FIPA by Aerfor were designed for achieving better performance as compared to standard ones, both in cooling and heating conditions.

Being amongst the most silent available on the market, fan coil units FIPA by Aerfor are the result of years of experience in the HVAC sector, which allowed the achievement of optimal results in performance and noise levels.

Designed for being installed in horizontal and vertical built-in applications, fan coil units FIPA guarantee high levels of comfort. Furthermore, their easy installation and inspection with regards to their maintenance are enough to assure high quality performances on a longterm basis.

Thanks to the low energy consumption option ‘Brushless Motors’, Fan coil units FIPA grant energy saving and better comfort in terms of noise.

Technical specifications in brief:
• Air flow ranging from 150m3/h to 1920m3/h;
• Cooling capacity ranging from 0.6 kW to 10.5 kW;
• Heating capacity ranging from 1 to 13,2 kW.

Technical features


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Fan coil units FIPA by Aerfor
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