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Aerfor Srl 12.12.2018

Fan coil from the FNL series by Aerfor, the ideal solution for hotel rooms given its minimal noise levels

EXTREMELY QUIET fan coils from the FNL series offer maximum silence and comfort, the ideal solution to ensure a resting environment in hotel and hospital rooms
You are a hotel owner and your guests complain about the loud noises emitted by the heating and cooling devices?
Solve your problem!  Choose the quiet fancoils from the FNL series by Aerfor!
With only 27-34 decibel noise emissions, these devices are just a little noisier than a whisper and are well under the minimum level of sleep disturbance. Thanks to these fan coils your guests will be able to enjoy their accommodation without even noticing the air-conditioning functioning,
They are realized with components resistant to bacterial growth and mould. Their easy installing and inspection grant the long term high quality performances without needing extraordinary cleaning.
The comfort can even be enhanced by the optimal use of the thermostats of the series I-Basic, I-Digit and I-Breath.
The pans for collecting the condensates are made of stainless steel to prevent oxidation and are shaped in order to grant the evacuation of the condensates without stagnation into the unit.


Technical features

• Cooling capacity ranging from 1,0 kW to 8 kW;
• Air flow ranging from 170 m3/h to 1600 m3/h;
• Heating capacity ranging from 1.4 to 10 kW.



  • In aphonic Polyester class BS1d0, fire proof with the norms UNI EN-13501-4:2009. Ecological compatible;
  • Recycled and recyclable 100%;
  • Its very low reverberating time, assures a high phono-absorbing effect.


Direct drive fan, forward blades made in galvanized steel or plastic, impeller dynamically and statically balanced.

Heat exchanger

  • Standard heating/cooling coil made in copper pipes and aluminum fins;
  • Air vent valve included. 

Control of the unit

  • The fancoil can be equipped with two different type of control systems;
  • Controlled in room by thermostat;
  • Controlled by PLC, remote, through a bus line.


  • The fancoil can be equipped with 3way valve complete with actuator for ON-OFF or proportional control;
  • All models are equipped with terminal box.

Auxiliary Coil

This innovative system gives the possibility to use the fancoil of the FNL series with one single coil in a 4 pipe system.
By this way the main coil with 4 rows can receive water from the system at a lower temperature than usual, and get an equivalent or even higher capacity.
For instance the feeding water temperature can be 45°C instead of the usual 70-60°C with a relevant energy saving. The system ACHPS, with its combination of special valves and thermostat, provides also the by-pass of the water in the fancoil maintaining a constant pressure in the system.
The fan coil units FNL are designed for being installed in hotels, hospitals, prestigious offices and houses where high level of comfort are a must.

Download the attached data sheets for more information!

Available documents

Control Devices
Technical files - EN
Fancoil Silenzioso FNL
Technical files - IT
Ductable Low Noise FNL
Technical files - EN
Controlli Termostati
Technical files - IT

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Fan coil from the FNL series by Aerfor, the ideal solution for hotel rooms given its minimal noise levels
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