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Aerfor Srl 15.05.2018

OCTOPUS is now predisposed also for solar system applications!

This is the system we were looking for, the only one able to guarantee the maximum comfort, completed in all the parts and ready to be installed easily!. Now predisposed also for solar system applications!

OCTOPUS System is complete of Heating pump (THRON) to supply Hot Domestic Water and warm or cold water to the terminal unit Octopus, granting both CLIMA and ventilation to the house.  The unit Octopus is a VMC air-conditioner, with integrated heat recovery of high efficiency (up to 90%). It provides therefore an excellent quality of air in the environment by freeing them from the air spoiled, by bad odors and radon. The aspiration of kitchens and bathrooms remaining separate from that of the other rooms. All this without throwing the stored thermal energy outside.

Octopus System - Advantages

  1. Easy and fast to install (only two pipes for the refrigeration gas and two pipes for water);
  2. Only one system for both clima and air renovation. One unit, one control, one installation, one technician, one thought. One expense. Convenient;
  3. TOP performances. The SCOP and SEER index are among the highest in the market;
  4. Super Quite system;
  5. Walls free. The only visible presence in the rooms is given by the grid of clean air inlet of the octopus system;
  6. Anti-legionella. OCTOPUS system has been designed to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and spores for which man can define the OCTOPUS as Legionella free;
  7. Operation range  -20 /+43°C outdoor;
  8. Anti-bacterial distribution pipes easy and fast to install; 
  9. Dual  zone control with touch screen panel (night and day);
  10. TOP Quality. The components of Octopus system have been chosen among the top of technology available in the market, like DC inverter pump , DC Inverter Fan , DC Inverter compressor;
  11. Complete range of accessories to solve every installation problem.

Aerfor increase the value of the new full air-conditioning system, adding also version for solar system.

OCTOPUS is installed and perfectly running. You can see it in the new demoroom.
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OCTOPUS is now predisposed also for solar system applications!
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