ultimateSAM: Steam distributor for short absorption distances

High-efficiency pressurised or atmospheric pressure steam distributors


ultimateSam is a steam distributor designed to take in pressurised or atmospheric pressure steam and the deliver it dry directly into the duct or air handling unit.

It has been designed to be “made to measure” for the AHU or duct, while ensuring low air heat gain (max. 2 °C/4 °F). All of the metal parts installed inside the AHU or duct are made from AISI 304 steel, so as to guarantee hygiene and a long operating life.

Single- and multi-pipe distributors ensure the best solution for every need, in terms of both uniform steam distribution and the widest possible area covered.

The features of the ultimateSAM steam distribution system make it the perfect system for all AHU/duct humidification needs, providing designers, installers and service personnel with the best possible solution.

The wide range of products, with a vast choice of steam flow-rates and numerous options, make it the ideal system for various applications, including hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Technical features

  • ​Fully aseptic, high precision humidification;
  • minimum absorption distance (even below 0.2 m);
  • suitable for steam flow-rates from 15 kg/h to 1110 kg/h and pressures;
  • from 0.01 barg to 4 barg;
  • fully AISI 304 stainless steel structure.

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ultimateSAM: Steam distributor for short absorption distances
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