humiFog Multizone Touch

humiFog Multizone Touch is the result of CAREL’s decades of experience in the field of adiabatic humidification: the perfect combination of advanced control logic and a simple and intuitive interface


humiFog Multizone is a high pressure adiabatic humidification system for humidity control and evaporative cooling. It can be used both to condition the air in an AHU (Air Handling Unit), and for direct humidification or cooling in rooms.

Designed to exploit the enthalpy from the evaporation of water, humiFog combines an intelligent pumping station with a modular distribution system, equipped with special nozzles capable of maximising water atomisation and allowing a short absorption distance.
Moreover, inverter modulation ensures very accurate control of pump speed, reducing energy consumption and optimising water use.

humiFog Multizone Touch, in addition to humidification, can also be used for adiabatic cooling, both direct and indirect: the possibility to manage more than one area in main and secondary configuration is ideal in this regard. These features allow the installation of humiFog in all environments, from comfort applications to delicate industrial processes.

Technical features

  • Energy saving: Very low power consumption, ~ 4W per kg/h of humidity produced, compared to around 800W for a traditional electrode humidifier. 
  • Certified hygiene: thanks to the use of demineralized water, washing cycles, complete drainage of water and the use of materials according to the law, without the use of chemicals and biocides.
  • High reliability ensured by the advanced logics included in the CAREL proprietary controller;
  • High accuracy: up to +/- 1% around the relative humidity set point;
  • Many different sizes available: 150, 300, 500, 800, 1200 l/h;
  • Very fine atomisation: droplet diameter down to 10 µm.

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humiFog Multizone Touch
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