KITA Split Heat Pump

The air-water heat pump KITA Split is the best solution to heat, cool and produce domestic hot water thanks to the natural warm of the air. Are equipped with full inverter BLDC motors and are adapted every times to the needs of the heating system and provide maximum perfomance. Available for all versions: S, M, L, L42 and L66.


Heat pump KITA Split is composed of an external unit and an internal hydronic unit.
The outdoor unit has all the features and components that make KITA a special range of heat pumps: reliability, high seasonal performance, innovation, silent.
The overall system is also optimized to achieve and higher COP values, in combination with all type of heating system *.

The indoor unit has an extremely small volume and already contains all the necessary components for the hydraulic circuit (heat-exchanger, circulation pump, 3 way valve, etc).
If DHW is required, the indoor unit is designed for the installation of the 3-way valve.

Moreover, thanks to the electrical panel inside specially structured, the indoor unit looks easy and rapid installation even regard to the necessary electrical connections between indoor and outdoor units.

  * The evaluation of the feasibility of the system must be performed by a technician, as each situation requires an evaluation of its own.

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KITA Split Heat Pump
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