KITA-66 AIR: Industrial Refrigeratior / Heat-Pump

Kita-Air units are the best Air-to-Air solution to produce Heating and Cooling inside big internal space, for example warehaouse, factory, greenhouses, etc. Thanks to high air moved is guaranteed the necessary air rinnovation and proper conditioning of inner spaces.


They are composed by external standard Kita Air-Water split, L66 split version, with all theirs advantages, special design and 40 kW heating capacity compressor.
To external unit is combined, by refrigerant lines, an internl unit with aerothermal function and design. This is very silent and is able to dissipate all heating/cooling power.
Without water exchange these units have very high perfomances and efficiency, and reduce ice formation probelm during cold period.

Technical features

- 3-phase Supply 400 V – 50 Hz​
- Smart Injection EVI Inverter Scroll Compressor
- Internal and external units with BLDC modulating fans, at low revolution number
- 2 electronic expansion valves
- Phase controller
- Climatic curve to adapt to the thermal load varies as a function of external conditions
- Remote control panel
- RS-485 serial interface
- Stainless steel tank for condensate

- Innovative with its inverter compressor using vapot injection Smart Injection
- Silent thanks to the A class fan with low rpm
- Efficient thanks to patented smart and fast defrosting process
- Totally controllable with components management
- Reliable thanks to the high quality components and to the modulating operation
- Eco-friendly because not using any form of combustion and integrated with other renouvable sources
- Effective with external battery 2.5mm fin pitch and hydrophobic treatment
- Saving because full-inverter

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KITA-66 AIR: Industrial Refrigeratior / Heat-Pump
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