KITA-L, L42 and L66 Heat-Pump

The series air-to-water KITA-L, represent a new level of quality in the field of heat pumps, thanks to the spacial components and the careful choice of every single part. Are available in version: L (5 to 24 kW) and L42/L66 (7 to 30 kW). Therefore meet all the needs of medium and large residential users, but are also suitable for industrial and service sector, with the ability to make matching configuration in Multi-Master up to 4.


The heat pumps KITA-L, L42 and L66 are equipped with inverter compressors Smart Injection, with steam injection. They are used in heating, cooling and to produce domestic hot water with a maximum temperature of 60 °C, till at -32°C of external air, without the need of any kind of electrical integration.

For this reason they can be installed in any geographical area, including those in which the very cold heat pumps generally do not work.

Technical features

  • COP up to 5.16;
  • Power supply 3.phase 400V-50Hz​;
  • Smart Injection Inverter high-performance Compressor, with steam injection;
  • System 'Smart Injection' piloted by electronic valve for greater accuracy and speed of injection. Only one "Made in Italy" heat-pump with this technology;
  • Double electronic expansion valve;
  • Hot water outlet up to 63 ° C, guaranteed up to -18 °C outside air;
  • Extended operation down to -32 °C outside air thanks to the Smart Injection;
  • Circulating water-efficient class A standard;
  • Fan Class A standard in reduced speed (max. 600), low power and low noise impact;
  • Fin spacing of 2.5 mm of external battery with hydrophilic coating as standard;
  • Defrosting cycles minimum;
  • Programmable controller for the management of all the components of the machine according to the temperature;
  • Climatic curve to fit the thermal requirement varies as a function of external conditions;
  • Remote control total;
  • Smart design and adaptable to any residential environment;
  • Manage different temperature for heating water and DHW;
  • Drain pan;
  • Available in MONOBLOCK and SPLIT version;



 - Silent because very careful at the living comfort;
  - Seasonal Performance optimized because Full Inverter;
  - Efficient with intelligent and reduced defrosting;
  - Fully controllable with the multifunction display;
  - Reliable thanks to quality components and system modulating;
  - Ecological why not powered by fossil fuels and integrated with renewable sources;
  - Effective thanks to the external battery 2.5mm and hydrophilic coating as standard;
  - Frugal with reduced power consumption;
  - MADE in ITALY;

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KITA-L, L42 and L66 Heat-Pump
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