KITA-S Heat-Pump (1 to 10 kW)

In the construction of low emission buildings is paid particular attention to the reduction of energy consumption and an increasing use of renewable energy. The limited Thermal requirements for heating and cooling have also encouraged the spread of high energy performance solutions, such as floor radiant systems and mechanical ventilation.


Kita S is the smaller air-water heat pump of Kita series.
Meets the needs of small residential users and those of buildings with low energy requirements with a very competitive price.

Air-water heat pumps Kita, feature Twin Rotary inverter compressor, are used in heating, cooling and to produce domestic hot water with a maximum temperature of 60 ° C.

  - COP up to 4.74
  - Power supply single phase 230V-50Hz
  - Twin Rotary Compressor
  - Hydronic group with electronic circulator Class A
  - Fan Class A Ebmpapst
  - Inverter Carel and proprietary software
  - Electronic expansion valve
  - Climatic curve in function of external conditions
  - Control Panel Carel
  - Serial interface RS-485
  - Management of double set-point, for domestic hot water production
  - Management of external boiler
  - Drain pan
  - Standard rubber antivibration
  - Available in MONOBLOCK and SPLIT version;

Technical features

  - Silent because very careful at the living comfort;
  - Seasonal Performance optimized because Full Inverter;
  - Efficient with intelligent and reduced defrosting;
  - Fully controllable with the multifunction display;
  - Reliable thanks to quality components and system modulating;
  - Ecological why not powered by fossil fuels and integrated with renewable sources;
  - Effective thanks to the external battery 2.5mm and hydrophilic coating as standard;
  - Frugal with reduced power consumption;
  - MADE in ITALY;

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KITA-S Heat-Pump (1 to 10 kW)
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