KITA-M Heat-Pump (3 to 16 kW)

Kita M is the most heating capacity single-phase air to water heat-pump of Kita series (available on request in three-phase version). It meets the needs of small and medium-sized residential users. Air-water heat pumps Kita, feature Twin Rotary inverter compressor, are used in heating, cooling and to produce domestic hot water with a maximum temperature of 60 °C.


  - COP up to 4.58
  - Power supply single phase 230V-50Hz
  - Twin Rotary Compressor
  - Hydronic group with electronic circulator Class A
  - Fan Class A Ebmpapst
  - Inverter with proprietary software
  - Electronic expansion valve
  - Climatic curve in function of external conditions
  - Control Panel Carel
  - Serial interface RS-485
  - Management of double set-point, for domestic hot water production
  - Management of external boiler
  - Drain pan
  - Standard rubber antivibration

  - Available in MONOBLOCK and SPLIT version;

Technical features

  - Silent because very careful at the living comfort;
  - Seasonal Performance optimized because Full Inverter;
  - Efficient with intelligent and reduced defrosting;
  - Fully controllable with the multifunction display;
  - Reliable thanks to quality components and system modulating;
  - Ecological why not powered by fossil fuels and integrated with renewable sources;
  - Effective thanks to the external battery 2.5mm and hydrophilic coating as standard;
  - Frugal with reduced power consumption;
  - MADE in ITALY;

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KITA-M Heat-Pump (3 to 16 kW)
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