pCO sistema: CAREL’s proposal for programmable controllers

pCO sistema is the solution CAREL offers its customers for managing HVAC/R applications and systems


pCO sistema consists of programmable controllers, user interfaces, gateways and communication interfaces, and remote management systems to offer the HVAC/R market a control system that’s powerful, flexible and easy to interface to the most commonly-used building management systems.

pCO sistema is very reliable and can be easily customised to differentiate the air-conditioning or refrigeration unit control system.

Several sizes are available, based on the number and type of inputs/outputs, whether the Built-In terminal is fitted and the size of flash memory provided.

Technical features

  • Interface: The pCO sistema terminals are available in panel or wall-mounted versions, with LED, alphanumeric and graphic LCD displays, allowing the messages to be shown in Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese.
  • Communication: It can interface to the more widely used communication standards, either directly or via gateways. It can also interface to intranets or the internet using a gateway that converts the CAREL protocol to TCP/IP Ethernet™ 10 MB/s. All the pCO sistema components can be connected without requiring additional cards to pLAN networks for exchanging data and information.
  • High technology: A 32-bit microprocessor guarantees high program running speed including control of faster transients. The parameters can be protected by various password levels.
  • Programmability: CAREL 1tool system development system allows customisation of the software. 
  • Applications: The programmability of the pCO series means that applications are possible for chillers, air-conditioners, shelters, roof top units, heat pumps, compressor racks, AHU.

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pCO sistema: CAREL’s proposal for programmable controllers
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