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Markets • 14.04.2021
European Commission Report: renewables beat fossil fuels in 2020, but the result is based on exceptional circumstances
The European Commission report on the electricity market for the last quarter of 2020 shows satisfactory results, but what’s really behind them?
Markets • 07.04.2021
Global green power capacity up by 260 GW in 2020
The statistical analysis by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows growth in 2020 nearly doubled compared to previous-year results
Markets • 01.04.2021
EMMES: 3000 MWh of energy storage expected in 2021
According to the analysis that monitors the European energy storage market, business will double compared to 2020
Markets • 29.03.2021
We can reach decarbonisation by 2050 with just 280 GW of new wind power capacity per year
The new report released by GWEC, Global Wind Energy Council about wind power capacity
Markets • 22.03.2021
Investing in renewable energies better than fossil fuels
The Centre for Climate Finance & Investment report shows performance of renewables tripled over the past decade
Markets • 11.03.2021
BNEF’s 2020 world ranking of onshore and offshore wind power producers
The report from BNEF about the trends in the wind power market in 2020
Markets • 09.03.2021
CO2 capture, utilisation and storage to reach climate-neutral goals
Development of CCUS technologies for the capture, utilisation and storage of CO2 crucial for Europe’s energy transition
Markets • 17.02.2021
2020 Indoor Climate Technology (HVAC) Market Report: Italian market keeps losses in check
Assoclima’s quarterly statistical report shows the HVAC industry hanging tough despite current crisis
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