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2020 Indoor Climate Technology (HVAC) Market Report: Italian market keeps losses in check

Assoclima’s quarterly statistical report shows the HVAC industry hanging tough despite current crisis
Assoclima, the association representing Italy’s manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, has been publishing an annual statistical report on the market for system components ever since 1991.

The report is curated by the Research Office of Anima, the industrial trade organisation representing mechanical engineering companies within the General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria).

The survey of 46 companies encompasses production, import, export and Italian market data relating to HVAC products. Assoclima and Anima are also in charge of drawing up a quarterly statistical report.

The two organisations recently published the report for 2020, which applies to the Italian market alone (i.e. production and export) based on a panel of 40 samples.

While 2019 was good overall for indoor climate technology, we need to consider that 2020 was an unusual year due to the big impact the ongoing pandemic had on the Italian markets. The collected data described in this report show, in fact, that the sector is characterised by both upward and downward trends and that the figures change based on the products considered.

The direct expansion system market witnessed a significant decline, as detailed below:

• -11.8% in volume -12.1% in value for monoblock air-cons;
• -1.7% in volume and -7% in value for monosplit systems;
• -3.9% in volume and -5.5% in value for multisplit systems;
• -11.5% in volume and -17% in value for mini-VRF and VRF systems.

A downward trend was also recorded for packaged and rooftop air conditioners: -35.3% in volume and -26.2% in value.

Instead, portable air conditioners recorded an increase of 22.8% in volume and 31.9% in value. Hydronic heat pumps, too, showed a positive trend both in volume (+11.9%) and in value (+2.8%), with two capacities performing the best: up to 17 kW and 500 kW and over.

decrease was recorded for cooling only systems (-20.4% in volume and -14.3% in value), figures which led the air-cooled hydronic system segment (cooling + heating) to close the year up 8.8% in volume and down 1% in value.

The overall result (cooling + heating) was negative both in volume (-8.4%) and in value (-25.6%) also for water-cooled liquid chillers, despite the positive result for heat pumps in the above-mentioned capacities.

Moreover, the collected data reveal that the Italian market for air handling units is growing (+20.6% in volume and +9.8% in value), whereas all types of fan coils are faring poorly. The latter terminal units closed 2020 with an overall decline in volume and value of 15.2% and 13%, respectively.

Based on the data of this quarterly statistical report by Assoclima and Anima for 2020, we can conclude by saying that, overall, the HVAC sector managed to contain the losses in the Italian market despite the ongoing difficult situation.