k.Air, Air handling unit control

k.Air is a ready-to-use solution for controlling air handling and ventilation units


k.Air is a pre-programmed and fully confi-gurable controller designed to reduce time and cost from automation design to start-up.

The distinctive feature of k.Air is the result of CAREL's extensive experience in air handling unit and humidification management applications.

Its intelligent control logic in fact ensures comfort, indoor air quality and a healthy environment, always with the lowest energy consumption, through hygienic and efficient operation of all of the components of the air handling unit.

The main benefits are:

  • Flexibility
  • Plug&play
  • Connectivity
  • Usability
  • Air quality and hygiene
  • Energy efficiency

Technical features

k.Air is characterised by:
  • easy commissioning, thanks to pre-defined configurations of central air handling units, an external configuration tool or the manual guided procedure;
  • application flexibility, thanks to the modular concept that allows the coupling of c.pCOe expansion modules via an integrated serial board, for the management of additional configurations;
  • energy efficiency, with the integration of advanced algorithms for device management, such as adiabatic humidification and high efficiency direct expansion units advanced connectivity with three serial ports and one Ethernet port, certified Bacnet protocol already in place, and remote control through CAREL digital services;
  • great usability, thanks to the integrated web server graphical interface.

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k.Air, Air handling unit control
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