New Aertesi FCB Fancoil Unit

The new series AIR GREEN has been developed to respond fully to the requirements of Indoor Air Quality (noise parameters, speed and turbulence of the air) of modern plant and it integrates the efficiency and flexibility of the classic fan coil with a slot air diffuser, by Coanda effect.


The FCB series AIR GREEN thus allows to achieve an excellent level of thermal comfort and energy saving, together with the possibility of a rational use of space.
In particular, it can be used for cooling, heating and it ensures the microclimate quality and optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

The Advantages

• Good functioning both in low temperature (7/12° C) and high temperature (15/18° C)
• High energy efficiency and low power consumption of the plants
• High comfort, performance improvement compared to traditional fan coils
• High noisless EC motor
• High heating and cooling capacity modulation
• Diffusers with Coanda effect
• Working with a system with chilled water
• Equipped with drip tray for condensation
• The internal exchanger 2 or 4 pipes
• False ceiling installation and nice design

Technical features


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New Aertesi FCB Fancoil Unit
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