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Aertesi Srl
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Aertesi Srl

Aertesi designs and manufactures systems for comprehensive interior climate control in all types of surroundings. Leveraging the results generated by our intensive R&D work, Aertesi can offer a range of innovative system engineering solutions for:

• The home
• Office space and shops
• Healthcare facilities
• Hotels and restaurants

Accumulated technical experience enables Aertesi to deliver excellence and quality in the fields of air conditioning and heating.
Our dedication to maximising the conservation of energy sources has brought Aertesi to a position of prominence in the following areas:

• GEOTHERMIC energy units
• Polyvalent units
• Hidronic terminal units also with sensible temperature/humidity treatment
• Hidronic terminal units with medium/high pressure
• Split without external motocondenser
• Dehumidifier for radiant cooling
• High efficiency heat pumps for radiant cooling and heating
• Controllers for integrated systems

The broad range offered is accompanied by the Aertesi’s hallmark flexibility displayed in its willingness to develop special solutions to meet specific customer demands.


The Aertesi range of chillers and heat pumps high efficiency is the result of our experience and constant search for innovative technical solutions that comply with the need to protect the environment. Dehumidifiers were studied with the purpose to mantein high efficiency isothermic conditions and low noise for the environment.

Aertesi technical development has always been focused on research into products that are able to provide real energy savings. The introduction of heat pumps high efficiency and fancoils with fan groups with lower absorption energy power and lower noise level are only a few of the activities of development in this direction.

The units are designed to ensure maximum accessibility for maintenance purposes. Each unit is individually checked with a double final test procedure to provide the maximum level of reliability for end customers.

The development of technical-commercial tools, such as the product selection software, facilitates the selection of Aertesi units easily on the basis of customer requests.

All Units are strictly in compliance with CEI regulations and electromagnetic compatibility requirements. Our fancoils are Eurovent Certified.

Courtesy and attention to customer needs, i.e. the added value that makes Aertesi products even more attractive.

Aertesi products can be personalised with a range of accessories and alternative configurations, controllers on-board the unit, wall mounted, or with PC interface to match the requirements of the most demanding users.

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