New Aertesi EOS, a recovery unit with integrated air filter and treatment

EoS is the first recovery unit with integrated filtration and air treatment to control temperature and humidity of the air with controlled mechanical ventilation for rooms for residential and light commercial.


We spend most of our days in enclosed spaces increasingly “tight”.

To have a healthy and comfortable environment what we need is a proper air circulation which lowers the percentage of CO2 and relative humidity inside the room.

To do it, avoiding uncontrolled ventilation and help save energy we created the new EoS (Efficiency of the Integrated System) developed by Aertesi for the welfare and comfort of the air.


Best quality: it takes the exhaust air from bathrooms and kitchens where the concentration of pollutants
and humidity is higher and prevents migration within the local area.
Energy efficiency at lower cost: the fresh air from the outside shooting is pre-treated, filtered, integrated
(dehumidified or humidified) and brought to a temperature of comfort.
Reduced exposure to noise and air pollution outside: it’s no longer necessary to open the windows for
Flexibility: it is compact and easy to install, good for restoration.

Technical features


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New Aertesi EOS, a recovery unit with integrated air filter and treatment
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