MAEX fan coils

The range of fan coils for environments in maritime areas


MAEX fan coils are designed to be installed in buildings located in maritime areas, which are equipped with high quality finishes and an excellent level of silence.

The structure of these fan coils is made of galvanized sheet painted with epoxy powders that make the product very resistant to aggressive agents typical of the sea areas, and is equipped with a feed grid in fire-retardant plastic and suction grid frontal, always in galvanized sheet painted with epoxy powders, easily removable for filter inspection and maintenance.

MAEX units are equipped with direct drive fan, steel galvanized blades, electric motor suitable for 50 or 60hz as standard, synthetic filter as standard with EU1 efficiency, washable and reusable (G3 or G4 class panel filter, washable and reusable), standard heating/cooling battery in copper pipes and aluminium fins, air vent valve accessible from the side and from the socket and galvanized sheet metal tray insulated externally, to avoid condensation,  with double discharge especially designed for the marine environment.

MAEX fan coils are available in different configurations:

  • Ceiling mounted type with decorative cabinet, with rear suction (HMF) or with frontal mounted grille (HMAF)
  • Wall mounted type with decorative cabinet and suction from bottom (VMF) or from frontal mounted grille
  • (VMAF).
  • Ceiling mounted type for concealed installation, with rear suction (HCF) or frontal suction (HCAF).
  • Vertical wall mounted type for concealed installation, with bottom suction (VCF) or frontal suction (VCAF).

And they can be equipped with two different types of controls: in room by thermostat, built-in or remote, or by PLC locally or remote.

Technical features

  • Cooling capacity ranging from 1,0 kW to 10,3 kW.
  • Air flow ranging from 150 m3/h to 1.920 m3/h.
  • Heating capacity ranging from 2,5kW to 21,5kW.
  • Suitable for 230V-1ph-50/60Hz.

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