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Innovations • 11.01.2022
The Smart Roof made in USA saves energy all year round

Berkeley Lab researchers have developed a new smart device that, when fitted to the roofs of residential buildings, regulates the internal temperature according to the season

Innovations • 21.12.2021
News in the smart window field: an energy-saving glass that regulates heating and cooling

NTU Singapore: an energy-saving glass that responds to changing temperatures and regulates heating and cooling

Innovations • 17.05.2021
Holland comes up with a solution to make perovskite solar cells more stable
Eindhoven University of Technology research to maintain perovskite solar cell stable
Innovations • 11.05.2021
Radiative cooling: will ultra-white paint replace air-conditioning?
From the U.S. the new ultra-white paint that can cool down spaces
Innovations • 05.05.2021
Recycled lithium batteries perform just like new batteries
A research group from Aalto University shows that batteries can perform at their initial capacity level using an alternative lithium recycling method
Innovations • 25.03.2021
New solutions for low-temperature district heating and cooling
A report by IRENA about new generation of renewable energy systems
Innovations • 10.03.2021
€10 billion to 10 European partnerships. The goal? Climate neutrality and digital development
10 billion for research and innovation to achieve climate neutrality
Innovations • 11.02.2021
Artificial intelligence as a tool to reduce emissions and costs of industries
Thanks to AI reduction of industrial costs and emissions
Innovations • 23.09.2014
‘Printable’ organic solar cells may be coming soon from Australia
A team of Australian scientists invented "printable" organic solar cells which may substitute current silicon panels in the near future, producing energy efficiency savings of +10%.
Innovations • 01.09.2014
The commercial refrigeration equipment market in Europe will be worth nearly $20 million by 2019
The report reveals a significant increase in the commercial refrigeration equipment market in Europe by 2019, with estimated revenues of about $11,597 million.
Innovations • 11.10.2013
Second-generation bioethanol fuel produced in Italy for the first time
The first biorefinery of the world will produce 75 million biofuel litres per year.
Innovations • 09.10.2013
Solar and Wind energy are more convenient together
According to a study by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory PV and wind integration would be able to compete with fossil fuel plants.
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