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Agrivoltaic: SolarPower Europe’s new platform is the reference point for farmers and professionals

The platform is called Agrisolar and it aims to provide insights and news about the agrivoltaic field. 14 EU States have already joined

Solarpower Europe launches its new digital platform dedicated entirely to the agrivoltaic: Agrisolar.

A point of reference for farmers, EU States and professionals in the sector, with the aim of including in national and European agricultural policies all the potential of agri-photovoltaic.


Agrivoltaic: Agrisolar is a reference for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

SolarPower Europe has created Agrisolar, the new online platform that gathers reports, events and in-depth articles all in one place, drawing on the vast experience of over 250 members who study the use of soil.

The platform also serves as an information desk for farmers and developers with the aim of understanding and maximizing the potential of Agrisolar solutions.

A reference point also for the European Union; 14 Member States are actively contributing to the platform, incorporating solar photovoltaic in the strategic plans to update the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).


The benefits of the agrivoltaic

The agrivoltaic offers many benefits both in terms of vegetation and animal species.

Specifically, SolarPower Europe is about:

  • Sustainable and renewable energy creation: solar energy integrated in agriculture take advantage of clean energy, reducing the dependence on fossil fuels;
  • Cost savings and energy independence: solar panels allow farmers to significantly reduce energy bills, giving the opportunity to allocate resources to other areas;
  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Solar technology improves agricultural efficiency and productivity. Solar panels can provide shade to crops and farm animals, protecting them from extreme weather conditions and improving crop performances.

Solar photovoltaic production could compensate for the global energy demand if less than 1% of cultivated land were to be converted into agri-photovoltaic systems.

Moreover, covering only 5% of the area would lead to a total installed capacity from 1.5 TW to 7 TW.

In this sense, SolarPower Europe talks about an increase in soil productivity up to 70%. Not only that, a case of Agri-photovoltaic co-localized with potato cultivation improved soil efficiency by 186%.