Garda, Galletti’s new web-based monitoring system

Centralized multi-platform monitoring system


With Garda it is possible to monitor all Galletti terminals, from fan coils to chillers, and the web-responsive structure of the pages facilitates the consulting of information, even from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, without the need to install applications and at the complete disposal of the user 24 hours a day.

Wi-Fi and usability

Garda makes use of the latest communication technologies, which is why it can operate both wired and via Wi-Fi, adapting seamlessly to any type of installation, from hotels with hundreds of rooms to prestigious museums.

The intuitive graphics and vertical access to information combine ease of use with versatility of control, thus ensuring excellent usability and efficiency. In fact, Garda was designed to guarantee simple and fast use of the contents for both industrial and residential systems.

Its advanced programming functions, zone management, and the possibility of monitoring the history of the main variables allow complete management of the system, while also providing valuable information to reduce consumption.

Consultation, Control and Automation:

The system allows both local and centralised management of the devices through four different control levels that make the action of the monitoring system visible to a greater or lesser degree.

Each device can be associated with a zone to which it belongs, through which it is possible to make distinct settings for all the terminals it contains. These settings, whether manual (provided by zone editors) or automatic (provided by operating logics or time slots), will be executed quickly and can be seen in the summary of the individual variables of each device.

Using EVOEXP expansion modules, it is also possible to control devices that are not directly managed by the system, such as circulation pumps, zone valves, and other system elements.

Technical features

  • Advanced zone management
  • Monitoring of heat pumps and multi-purpose units
  • Management of external devices
  • Programming
  • Indoor unit auto-scanning procedure
  • Multi-platform accessibility

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Garda, Galletti’s new web-based monitoring system
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