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Aertesi Srl 07.08.2014

EOS: the self-adjusting recovery unit with integrated air filter and treatment

The first self-adaptive energy recovery ventilation unit for mechanic ventilation, with integrated filter and treatment for passive heat recovery.
The science has proven that a proper air exchange promotes the well being and relaxation, as well as concentration. Aertesi has developed the first self-adaptive energy recovery ventilation unit EoS to meet these requirements of fresh air without leakage and energy consumption.

But what exactly EoS is? EoS is the unique recovery unit with integrated air filter and treatment for passive heat recovery and renewal air also. The heat exchanger with high efficiency reduces the loss of energy that occurs with the exchange of air and at the same time ensures high quality of the air in compliance with the strict standards of the IAQ.

Aertesi proposes two solutions:

1) «Split» System
It allows you to place the unit in any environment (both domestic and commercial) in suspended ceilings using the compactness and the low height. Connected to an external unit with heat pump (for water and direct expansio) it allows you to maximize space and have no sources of noise within the premises (compressors etc .) ensuring high thermodynamic efficiencies.

2) «Integrated» direct expansion System

In a single unit the management of heat recovery is both carried out in a “passive” and “thermodynamics” way optimizing the efficiency of the system and giving, in extremely compact dimensions, wide flexibility of use.The configuration will allow both horizontal and vertical installation in equipment rooms or in ceiling areas for commercial use.

In both systems, the visible elements are the air grilles fixed on the top of the walls and nothing more.

This recovery unit with integrated air treatment has interesting and specific traits:

1- ADJUSTING VAV: Eos can be equipped with different accessories and it allows to supply the in individual rooms of the correct quantity of air (for renewal or treated) for maintaining the thermo-hygrometric conditions set.

2-DEHUMIDIFY SUMMER: It treats the summer air reducing the moisture environments. Eos is ideal for matching (up to the full replacement) with radiant cooling systems. On request, a humidifier is available to maintain the humidity of the air that the budget will be neither too dry nor too wet.

3-HIGH COMFORT: The heat recovery exchanger pre-heats (in winter) or pre-cools (in summer) the fresh air, using the energy contained in the air

4- FREE COOLING: It allows you to automatically pick the fresh air from the outside and place it cost free on the premises with the simple working of the fans.

The yield generated of heating or cooling reduces the power required by the air conditioning system leading up to replace it altogether in buildings designed according to the criteria of energy efficiency (Casaclima, TUV, etc..) or in areas with non-rigid external climate.

In class A buildings with radiant plant and mechanic ventilation, the series EoS allows considerable savings in terms of investment, greater than 50%. Aertesi is a ideal partner for reducing consumption and saving energy solutions.

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EOS: the self-adjusting recovery unit with integrated air filter and treatment
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