COILS is the top selling Unilab solution for the HVAC field. Our many satisfied customers around the world consider COILS the best tool for the calculation of air cooled units, fan coil units, air coils, industrial chillers, room air conditioning, and air handling units to name a few.  It is available in the following calculation modalities: heating, cooling, condensing, direct expansion, steam and pump evaporator.
We would also like to point out that COILS is not a company dependent software, but is the result of more than 20 years of specialized and professional experience gained from experimental data, and cutting edge scientific knowledge. COILS allows the user to calculate even brand new geometries with very acceptable margins, certified by laboratory results.
Why would you prefer Unilab COILS?
Because thanks to Unilab COILS you can analyse many applications. At both low and high temperatures, calculating for a battery "without fins", COILS can also simulate shell and tube exchangers with non-circular plates, (with rectangular or square ones). COILS software is the only one that allows the simultaneous analysis of multiple coils both on the supply and return side. For each plant we can select the fluids independently for both supply and return as well as on the hydraulic circuit side. In all of the COILS  modalities you can choose any kind of fluid on the external tubes side either in gaseous or in liquid phase, (whether pure or mixed) for the analysis of gas combustion, or for coils immersed in water tubs, or inside shell and tube exchangers, etc.
COILS: we have the solution that will suit your needs!

Do you build coils with one of the following tube types: Smooth, Microfin, Large Grooved or Hearing Bone? We offer  a single solution that will suit all your needs. Thanks to our COILS software you can design coils choose the fin type from an extensive archive: smooth, corrugated, pyramid, windowed or louvered.
Automatic Generation of Catalogues and Performance Tables
We have inserted this great new feature which allows you to design a series of coils, unit coolers, air coolers, remote condensers, dry coolers, condensing units, and motor-evaporators.
COILS for automotive radiators
We have the ideal solution for you if you are in the automotive industry and build radiators with rectangular tubes. With this new feature it is now possible to perform calculations in the verification and design of radiators with linear fins to cool endothermic engines, both with  aligned or staggered tubes.
The importance to certificate your products
Several customers have achieved Eurovent or Ahri certification, by submitting Coils software to test their units. Compared to the laboratory test, COILS results on the power and pressure drop side are within a very acceptable range and many of our customers have achieved certification at the first attempt.

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