AHU is the tool that UNILAB recommends for HVAC companies which need to design or rate Air Handling Units.

Why would you prefer Unilab is AHU?

Firstly, because AHU software is very handy; thanks to its autonomous management and its accurate yet fast steps to achieve selection completion. This software can be used both as a technical design tool to build a new unit or as a commercial tool to give to agents who need to provide multiple quotations in a short space of time. It enables users to input fan and compressor data quickly and easily.

Design Air Handling Units with focus on total cost

Using our AHU you can monitor all variables relating to costs: you can accurately the cost, price and weight of an air handling unit accurately. Thanks to AHU it´s also possible to estimate the labour cost.

Several types of calculation

AHU provides the opportunity to process many types of calculation: using our COILS calculation engine it is possible to calculate heating, cooling, direct expansion, steam and condensing coils in AHU.  For those customers using heat recovery, AHU also permits the estimation of such coils.  All components analysis is carried out using our UNILAB DLL internal method, with the exception of the static heat recovery and thermodynamic coils calculations. It´s also possible to introduce third party calculation DLLs. Another important AHU feature is the facility to calculate the balance point of units consisting of an evaporator, a condenser  and a compressor.

Certificate your products using AHU software

Our software complies with Eurovent requirements and all our customers who have applied, have achieved certification using our AHU software.






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