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Aermec S.p.a. 14.06.2011

Aermec presents the new range of WRL water-water heat pumps with R410A scroll compressors

The ideal product for geothermal energy.

The WRL heat pumps, designed for indoor installation, are especially suitable for the residential and commercial sectors and can be combined with free-standing or fan coil systems.
The WRL water-water heat pumps produce chilled water for summer air conditioning, hot water for winter heating, and domestic hot water - all by using groundwater or the earth itself as an energy source. In fact, the WRL heat pumps are designed to work with geothermal energy too, producing an efficient heat exchange with the ground.
The use of R410A ecological fluid with its high heating capacity, and the attention that Aermec dedicates to the design of the chiller circuit, have led to a notable increase in energy efficiency levels compared with the heat pumps of the previous range. The result is that these models are in Class A for their energy efficiency in both summer and winter operation.
The use of scroll compressors ensures efficient, quiet operation. The more powerful models are equipped with two compressors to considerably raise the efficiency level, especially with partial loads; this means almost the entire machine operating time over the year.
The energy efficiency increase means net savings on your electricity bill from air conditioning, heating, and domestic hot water production.
The production of domestic hot water is guaranteed all year round.
The electronic control card allows domestic hot water production to be managed as a priority, differentiating between the temperature of hot water produced for domestic needs, and that for the heating system.
The WRL range of water-water heat pumps offers a total of 12 models, 3 in the single-phase version and 9 in the 3-phase version, covering a cooling capacity span from 8 to 40 kW and a heating capacity span from 8 to 48 kW in nominal conditions.

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Aermec presents the new range of WRL water-water heat pumps with R410A scroll compressors
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