Unità canalizzabili DUCTIMAXi

Unità canalizzabili a media prevalenza, installazione ad incasso a soffitto, con motore EC pilotati da inverter


DUCTIMAX i completes the range of ductable units using inverter controlled BLDC motors.

The distinctive aspects of the DUCTIMAX design are augmented by the benefits of brushless technology in terms of a reduction in power consumption and consequent reduction in CO2 emissions, an increase in operating flexibility as a result of modulating the air flow rate, and an increase in the temperature and humidity and acoustic comfort level. Further advantages are the installation flexibility and the reduction in the amount of time necessary for setting operation during the installation phase, due to the continuous modulation of the air flow rate.

The DUCTIMAX range is comprised of 12 models with air flow rates from 300 to 1200 m3/h and nominal cooling capacities of up to 8 kW.

Continuous modulation of the air flow and the use of high-efficiency heat exchangers enables operation also with small air – water temperature differences. The heat exchangers can also be optimized in their circuits for centralized applications, such as district cooling.

Operation is controlled from wall-mounted microprocessor control panels with display, such as the MYCOMFORT LARGE and EVO models which also enable DUCTIMAX i to be connected to GARDA.

The action of the air filter (G2, G3 or G4) can be combined with an air ionisation system, available as an accessory.


Available versions

  • 12 models          
  • BLDC motor      
  • 1 heat exchanger for 2-pipe systems    
  • 2 heat exchangers for 4-pipe systems (up to 6 rows total)         
  • Can be connected to GARDA 


Main components

  • Structure: made of galvanized steel sheet, thermally and acoustically insulated with class 1 self-extinguishing panels. Reduced height to facilitate installation in a horizontal position, in false ceilings. the structure contains the collection tank and condensate drain. The main condensate collection tank is placed inside the unit structure and is at positive pressure with respect to the drain to facilitate condensate drainage
  • Fans: centrifugal fans made of ABS or aluminum, with forward blades, statistically and dynamically balanced, coupled directly to the electric motor.
  • BLDC electric motor: permanent magnet motor. The unit is equipped with a motor control inverter board, which allows a precise setting of the rotation speed.
  • Heat exchange coil: with 3 or 4 rows, high efficiency, in copper tube and aluminum fins locked to the tubes by mechanical expansion. It is equipped with brass manifolds and air vent valve. The battery, normally supplied with connections on the left, can be rotated by 180°. High efficiency coils optimized for district cooling applications are available upon request.
  • Air filter: regenerable air filter in acrylic fiber, filtration class on the air intake, removable from the bottom in a drawer.

Technical features

  • Eurovent certification
  • Reversible water connections
  • Modulating operation
  • Head of more than 70 Pa
  • Incorporable ioniser
  • G2 / G3 / G4 air filter

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Unità canalizzabili DUCTIMAXi
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