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Terna4Green platform to monitor decarbonisation of the Italian electricity system

Terna launches a new interactive digital platform to monitor decarbonising progress in the electricity system in Italy

How can we monitor the decarbonising progress in the Italian electricity system? Electricity transmission grid operator Terna has created an innovative digital tool to monitor these data in real time. Thanks to the Terna4Green platform, it is possible to observe how decarbonisation of Italy's electricity system is progressing, based on data for electricity production and related CO2 emissions in Italy.

Launched at COP26 in Glasgow, this new online platform monitors progress in energy transition by comparing and correlating electricity production data and estimates in Italy, and related carbon dioxide emissions.

Terna4Green shows the meteorological layers that evidence the relationship between renewable energy production and weather events, a map of the market zones of the Italian electricity system, and a graph of the history and comparison of daily, monthly and annual data on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

The other two more important sections of the platform are those dedicated to CO2 Savings and Emissions.  The first shows the tons of CO2 saved thanks to the production of electricity from renewable sources such as hydroelectric, wind and geothermal, while the second shows the amount of CO2 released by traditional systems that use coal, gas and oil.

Terna plays a central role in the management of power flows in the Italian electricity system grid and its energy transition, and this allows it to carry out in-depth and accurate analyses based on a huge amount of data, which provide a clear view of the current situation in Italy and how it will have to evolve in order to achieve national decarbonisation targets.

Electricity consumption is returning to pre-Covid values, as reported in Terna's analysis published in recent days for the month of September (27 billion kWh), equal to 1.9% growth compared to the same month last year. This is why decarbonisation of electricity systems must happen as quickly as possible and in line with the objectives set at national level.

In its 2021 Development Plan, Terna has earmarked €18.1 billion in investments for the energy transition of the national electricity system and for sustainability. The purpose of this plan is to organise, authorise and implement these investments and projects, which must be put in place to ensure the efficiency and resilience of the grid, security of supply and service, and the integration of energy production from renewable sources.