Rialto Kit Energy Monitor: standard Kit for Rialto systems to monitor the energy and power of single-phase loads via App

Standard Kit for Rialto systems to monitor the energy and power of single-phase loads via App.


Managing energy usage in your home has never been easier!

Making life easier for people thanks to technology, improving comfort and optimizing energy use. Rialto does all of this: it makes running of the home that much easier by reducing energy usage, thanks to a perfect combination of electronic devices, Apps and smart functions.


Energy Monitor Kit is designed for all the people who wish to monitor in real time the energy purchased from the grid and the energy consumed by a single-phase electric line up to 15 kW either at home or at work (i.e. fuse board, electricity meter, light line).
All information and charts displayed on the App allow the consumption analysis (with estimated costs) and they become a valuable ally to save energy and reduce energy bills.

How it works

Rialto Smart Meter is connected to the fuse board or to the electricity meter with a current transformer, measuring the energy [Wh] and power [W] consumed.
Once connected the WhiteBox control unit to the ADSL modem with Ethernet cable, the Smart Meter must be associated to the gateway with a short configuration procedure available on the “Rialto App”. After those simple steps, the device is immediately working and visible from the smartphone.
The Energy Monitor Kit is expandable: additional Smart Meters can be added anytime, to monitor further lines or electrical loads. The system can be expanded with thermostats, smart plugs and other wireless Rialto devices (up to 32), for a flexible and complete management of the energy and heating / cooling system from the App.

Energy Monitor Kit includes:
  • 1 Rialto Smart Meter, wireless energy meter with CT integrated
  • 1 Rialto WhiteBox, management and communication control unit of Rialto system
  • “Rialto” App for iOS or Android smartphone / tablet

Technical features

Main characteristics of Rialto Smart Meter
  • Easy to install and to configure
  • Measurement of power and energy consumption in real time
  • Max power detected: 15 kW single-phase
  • Current transformer (70A max) included with 1 metre cable
  • Power supply: 230Vac
  • Repeater function for Rialto wireless network
  • 100% Designed & Made in Italy
Compatible products

Rialto system can be expanded adding one or many of the following devices (up to 32):
  • Rialto Smart Thermostat: wireless smart thermostat for managing multi-room heating/cooling systems
  • Rialto Smart Plug: wireless plug with energy meter for programming household appliances (i.e. washing machine, electric radiators)
  • Rialto Smart Switch: wall-mounted wireless relay with terminals and energy meter for activating and programming electrical loads
  • Rialto Smart Relay: wireless dry contact relay for remote control of all devices with digital input (i.e. pellet stove)
  • Rialto Smart Meter: wireless energy meter to monitor consumptions on a single-phase line up to 15 kW (i.e. fuse board, electricity meter, light line)


Rialto for effective management of electricity usage

To find out how much energy is being used in the home or assess how best to invest in technologies aimed at maximizing energy efficiency, Rialto offers a range of wireless energy meters featuring professional grade specifications.
  • Monitoring of energy usage at home and at work
  • Separate monitoring of usage on different lines (lights, emf, etc.)
Non only smart home: Rialto for business applications too

The Rialto system allows management of climate control and electricity usage with maximum flexibility even in situations other than the home environment:
  • offices
  • hospitality structures (B&B, holiday farms, small hotels)
  • commercial premises (shops, restaurants, beauty centres, etc.)
  • small-medium enterprises

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Rialto Kit Energy Monitor: standard Kit for Rialto systems to monitor the energy and power of single-phase loads via App
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