4-noks Elios4you Smart: monitoring and self-consumption device with wireless accessories

Monitoring and self-consumption device with wireless accessories for single-phase solar PV systems up 6.0kW


Elios4you Smart is a monitoring and self-consumption device for single-phase systems up to 6.0kW, with the possibility to automatically manage up to four wireless accessories for self-consumption.

With Elios4you Smart system and wireless accessories for automatic activation of household appliances and electrical loads, a proportion of energy usage can be moved with ease to the time of day when PV energy is being produced, with just a few simple settings on an App.

With the free “Elios4you” App, besides monitoring the production of their photovoltaic system simply and intuitively, users can also programme the activation of electrical appliances according to the level of surplus energy produced using the wireless Smart Plug RC and Smart Switch RC. Elios4you Smart is compatible with other radio accessories for managing self-consumption.

Technical features

Main functions
  • For single-phase systems up to 6.0 kW grid-connected
  • Universal: independent from the inverter installed
  • It measures power, energy produced and exchanged with the grid (release/purchase) and domestic consumptions
  • Integrated dry contact relay programmable from the App to be switched on/off according to the energy available (i.e. heat pump)
  • Inputs for managing system alarm notification
  • 0-10V Output to manage Power Reducer
  • App programming of wireless plugs and relays to increase self-consumption
  • Complete configuration and management via free “Elios4you” App even from remote location (with internet connection via ADSL router). Available on App Store and Google Play.
  • Real-time display of data on smartphone/tablet
Compatible accessories
  • Smart Plug RC and/or Smart Switch RC: wireless plugs for self-consumption with programmed activation of electrical appliances and loads according to the energy available (i.e. washing machine, dehumidifier, cooling system, pool pump, etc.)
  • Power Reducer or Power Reducer RC control device (in standard or wireless version) suitable for hot water storage tanks / electric immersion heaters
  • Energy Meter 1~ RC: wireless energy meter
  • 4-cloud: internet platform for memorizing and reading data sent by monitoring devices.


With 4-noks Elios4you system users can:
  • Gather consumptions (i.e. washing machine*, dryer*) during daytime hours according to the energy available from the system
  • Maximising the heat pump*, activating it only when there is exceeding energy from the system
  • Activate the filtration pump of your pool “for free”
  • heat your house with electrical radiators (i.e. bathrooms)
  • store hot water in a storage tank with immersion heater
  • manage everything from the App, setting the activation priority of each electrical load connected
*Function available only if the electrical appliance to be connected is equipped.

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4-noks Elios4you Smart: monitoring and self-consumption device with wireless accessories
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