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Astrel Group S.r.l.

The Astrel Group is a company that designs and manufactures electronic equipment. Its mission is the development of IoT-related solutions for energy efficiency, focusing in particular on the optimized use of renewable energy and the well-being of people and the environment. Astrel Group technologies find
application in a variety of sectors, both as stock catalogue items and as customizable solutions for use by OEMs.

Hardware, Firmware, IoT

Already with many years experience in the development of IoT solutions and the management of cloud services, the Astrel Group has unique expertise in the integration of hardware, firmware and cloud services, allowing not only the development of dependable and functional IoT devices, but also the opportunity of working profitably with other manufacturers in the Internet of Things world. As a member of the ZigBee Alliance, the Astrel Group has for some time seen this low energy wireless technology — which is suited universally to numerous applications — as advantageous for the development of metering and monitoring devices.

Engineering & manufacturing

The Astrel Group manages all processes internally: Research & Development, industrialization and production are carried on in-house, at the company’s factory in Italy. This policy of integration guarantees notable flexibility and speed in responding to the demands of the market. Thanks to our highly specialized staff and steady investment both in the digitization of business processes and in human resources, customers are assured high standards of reliability and service.


ISO:9001 — Quality Management System certified since 1999
ISO:14001 — Environmental Management System certified since 2011

Our solutions

The Astrel Group operates in various fields of application, providing solutions designed to achieve energy efficiency and sustainable well-being.


Harnessing solar energy is only one half of the equation. The other is optimizing its management. To maximize the exploitation of clean energy produced with photovoltaic systems for home and industrial use and for large installations, the Astrel Group offers smart solutions able to optimize both the self-consumption capacity and the production capability of the system. All solutions make use of remote connectivity and/or management via mobile App.

Biomass heating

When there is no sun, there is fire. Heating systems using stoves and boilers that burn pellets and biomass are increasingly sustainable when equipped with Astrel Group control solutions, thanks to technologies employing smart proprietary algorithms able to minimize the consumption of biofuel with no loss of comfort and performance. All control systems are also factory-prepped to allow remote control from a mobile App, so that the heating can be turned on only when needed.

Swimming pools and spa pools

The health of people goes hand in hand with that of the environment. The Astrel Group specializes in electronic control solutions for minipools, swimming pools, saunas and Turkish baths, designed to give total relaxation while not forgetting the need to save energy. Reduced energy usage is assured not least by the exploitation of renewables and the use of remote control, which help to minimize the impact of wellness facilities on the environment, and with nothing sacrificed where user comfort is concerned.

Smart Home

The smart home is one that brings savings. Astrel Group solutions for the smart home are focused on reducing and optimizing the usage of energy, heating and electrical alike, by allowing occupants to manage their devices entirely from a mobile App. The flexibility of Astrel Group devices means that the field of application for smart home solutions can be extended to include SMEs, business premises and hospitality structures.

Building energy management

Energy saving depends on teamwork. Products made by the Astrel Group for monitoring environmental parameters and energy consumption are all wireless, and incorporate low energy ZigBee technology. Benefiting from wireless connection and a globally recognized communication standard, these devices can be integrated with ease into third party building automation platforms for improved energy efficiency.

Our brands

Brands owned by the Astrel Group include 4-noks, Hottoh, Modo and Rialto, each identifying one of the company’s main product lines, namely photovoltaic, biomass heating, swimming and spa pools, and smart home systems.

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