Nova UP – Nova UP X, vertical flow drainage pump by DABpumps


Vertical flow drainage pump in an automatic or manual version with removable filter for suction up to 2/3 mm, features that make it a strong pump and allow for installation versatility.

These pumps can be used with liquids that contain solids of a maximum size up to 10 mm.

Product specifications

  • Pump body, impeller, Cap and grille in technopolymer;
  • The motor, rotor shaft and screws in stainless steel;
  • Triple O-ring seal with interposed oil Chamber;
  • Asynchronous submersible motor for continuous operation;
  • Stator in a sealed stainless steel enclosure;
  • Rotor mounted on ball bearings greased for life and oversized;
  • Thermal-amperometersc protection incorporated and condenser permanently connected;
  • Special version NOVA UP X with connection port to the floating suction kit, suitable for use in tanks with rainwater recovery systems (see aquaprof) and other in tank applications.

Technical features

  • Operating range: from 1 to 15 m3 / h with prevalence up to 10 meters;
  • Temperature range of the liquid: from 0 ° C to +35 ° C for domestic use;
  • Pumped liquid temperature: murky waters without fibers;
  • Maximum immersion depth: 7 meters;
  • Installation: vertical, fixed or portable.
  • Degree of protection: IP 68.
  • Insulation class: F
  • Minimum depth of draft:
NOVA UP-300M - 120 mm
NOVA UP 300M - 60 mm
NOVA UP X 300M - 70 mm
NOVA UP 600M - 165 mm
NOVA UP 600M - 70 mm
NOVA UP X 600M - 80 mm

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Nova UP and Nova UP X, drainage pumps - DABpumps
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Nova UP – Nova UP X, vertical flow drainage pump by DABpumps
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