DABpumps Kdne Centrifugal Pumps With Mce/P


Standardised centrifugal pumps on skid with elastic coupling, electronics designed for a wide range of applications such as:

• homes;
• apartment blocks;
• camp sites;
• swimming pools;
• farms;
• well water supply;
• irrigation for greenhouses, gardens, agriculture;
• re-use of rainwater;
• industrial systems.

Highly versatile pumps thanks to the use of the DAB MCE/P inverter, to guarantee performance able to automatically adapt to the various system requirements, maintaining constant pressure.

Pressure sensor included.

Spiral single-stage body in cast iron according to DIN-EN 733 (ex DIN 24255), cast iron seal cover and motor support, flanges according to DIN 2533 (DIN 2532 for DN 200).

Cast iron impeller, sealed and dynamically balanced with axial thrust compensation via balancing holes, operating (on request) on interchangeable wear rings.

Pump shaft in stainless steel mounted on two generously sized ball bearings, permanently lubricated and housed in a special chamber inside the support.

Standard seal: standardised mechanical seal according to DIN 24960 in carbon/silicon carbide with O-rings in EPDM.

On request, packing seals are available, with hydraulic lubrication ring and gland in two easily removable parts. Sealed, asynchronous motor cooled by external ventilation; 2-pole or 4-pole.

Rotor mounted on generously sized ball bearings to ensure silent and durable operation.

Electrical protection: according to standards transposed into the ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY DIRECTIVE EEC 89/336 and subsequent amendments, LOW VOLTAGE DIRECTIVE EEC 73/23 and subsequent amendments and standards CEI 2-3.

Technical features

  • Construction design: B3
  • Speed of rotation: 1450 - 2900 1/min.
  • Operating range: from 1 a 440 m3/h with head up to 70 meters
  • Liquid temp. range: from -10°C to +140°C.
  • Pumped liquid: clean, free from solid or abrasive substances, not viscous, not aggressive, not crystallised and chemically neutral, characteristics similar to water.
  • Max. ambient temperature: +40°C
  • Maximum operating pressure:16 bar - 1600 kPa (per il DN 200 max 10 bar).
  • Protection rating: IP 55
  • Thermal category: F
  • Flanging: PN 16 DIN 2533; PN 10 DIN 2532 per DN 200
  • Installation: fixed horizontally.

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DABpumps Kdne Centrifugal Pumps With Mce/P
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