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Galletti Group 07.02.2013

Innovative multi purpose heat pump HiWarm by Galletti

Galletti, leading Italian company in the air conditioning business, presents its new product. It is the evolution of the heat pump for residential market. It well fits in a multi-sources systems like photovoltaic panels and solar water panels.
Hiwarm by Galletti is an innovative residential heat pump system for heating and cooling. High efficiency and zero CO2 emissions are its peculiarities. No fossil fuel are involved.

The Multi function heat pump Hiwarm represents the evolution of the most efficient system for the climatization and the production of sanitary water for houses. It allows the integration of a unique system for production of sanitary water, cooling and heating.

It is available in 3 sizes from 13 to 40 kW in heating and from 2,5 to 35 kW in cooling. The maximum capacity for sanitary water is 38 kW. Hiwarm is an heat pump for the replacement of old system or for the installation in new plants designed with the most recent technology (floor heating, water panel, ..). The designer focused not only on the technical purpose of the unit, but also on the aesthetic quality of the unit. It is a split unit, compact (1 m height) and silent inside and light and thin outside.
A wide touch screen display controls the unit and the three different options: cooling, heating and sanitary water heating.

If we consider 100% the total capacity of the unit 80% is provided by the ambient and only the 20% provided but the net, but if well designed also this 20% could be replaced by the photovoltaic panel plant.

Hiwarm by Galletti: main features
  • Input power from 100% renewable energy source
  • High energetic efficiency
  • Total heat recovery for DHW production
  • Integrated hydronic systems
  • Total safety system


  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Air conditioning with dehumidication
  • DHW production
  • Air conditioning + DHW production
  • Heating + DHW production

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Innovative multi purpose heat pump HiWarm by Galletti
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