I-Basic, I-Digit and I-Breath control devices by Aerfor

An optimal management of the environmental well-being is guaranteed by the controls series I-Basic, I-Digit and I-Breath.


The electronic controls I-Basic, I-Digit and I-Breath by Aerfor are the result of decades of experience of the brand in this field and were designed for ensuring maximum functionality, at limited expenses.

Available with analogical or digital interface, these electronic controls are easy to use and allow optimal regulation of any type of hydronic terminal produced by Aerfor, as the hydronic terminals for 2 and 4 pipe systems or with electric heaters.

I-Basic, I-Digit and I-Breath control devices are available in many versions, depending on the needs and the comfort level desired.

The series in fact includes the simple iBasic0, with only the selection of fan speed, iDigit2, provided with backlit LCD display and the possibility of automatic selection of the operating mode and fan speed, in order to guarantee maximum comfort and a gradual modulation of power output. Furthermore, iDigit2 can be used used in management systems with open protocol BMS Modbus®.

Top of the series are the iBasic3 and the iDigit2, which can manage the fan coil with electronic motor EC, for maximum energy savings.

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I-Basic, I-Digit and I-Breath control devices by Aerfor
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