Heat recovery units with built-in refrigerant circuit RECHP by Aerfor

The new stand-alone units RECHP by Aerfor are designed for air renewal and thermal treatment.


Heat recovery units REHCP by Aerfor are designed and projected for satisfying the four typical needs of residential and commercial applications:

-100% replacement of room air;
- Energy saving by using a heat recovery system;
- Neutralization of the renewal air heat loads by a fully automatic heat pump cooling circuit allowed by a microprocessor control. In particular, the heat recovery system increases the circuit cooling and heating performances, thus ensuring the unit efficieny and significant saving in operating costs;
- Neutralization of specific environmental heat loads.

The RECHP line represents a high-efficiency cross flow heat recovery series, and it is provided with aluminum heat exchanger plates, suitably insulated. G4 efficiency class synthetic cell filters are provided with the series.

The heat pump refrigeration system (R410A) is composed of a scroll hermetic compressor, evaporator and condenser coils made of copper tubes and aluminium finning, a biflow thermostatic valve, a liquid separator and receiver, a 4-way valve for cycle inversion, an overpressure safety valve, high and low pressure switches, a freon filter and a liquid indicator.

Technical features


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Heat recovery units with built-in refrigerant circuit RECHP by Aerfor
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