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The distributor is a very small electronic instrument enabling us to establish the consumption of each individual radiator, writing it on the appropriate display and memorising it each year


In apartment blocks the adoption of central heating is more and more common to the purpose of reducing consumption and of efficiently managing the mechanical room. However, for this solution to be sustainable and comfortable, it is necessary that the residents have the possibility to independently manage their own user preferences and that the overall consumption costs are reliably and clearly allocated on the basis of the actual individual consumption: the answers to such demands are often referred to as "thermoregulation" and "heat consumption accounting".

Thermoregulation is performed through the voluntary control of the space heat supply, and it strongly depends upon the user preferences.
On the other side, the proper system for accounting heat consumption should be chosen on the basis of the central plant layout: in case the layout is horizontal, the most appropriate solution is to install modules equipped with heat metering devices; in case the layout is vertical, a system also known as "rising main" plant, the heat consumption accounting is possible thanks to an indirect system based on the application of heat cost allocators on each heating body. Such devices have the main scope to subdivide the overall consumption cost based on the "allocation units" measured for each user.
For rising main systems, IVAR proposes thermoregulation and heat consumption accounting kits consisting of lockshield, valve and thermostatic head or modulating electronic motor, plus a wide range of EN 834-compliant heat cost allocator models, suitable to different reading methods and featuring additional options.
IVAR thermostatic valves are available in straight, angle, coaxial or reversed body geometries, with iron-pipe or copper-pipe connections. They are also available with or without flow rate pre-selection insert at 6-positions. Several IVAR thermostatic valves (i.e., thermostatic head + valve) feature EN 215-compliance Keymark, which defines them as low-inertia systems.
As an alternative to traditional thermostatic heads, EQUICALOR® is an advanced thermoregulation system based on flow rate modulation, suitable to manage different thermal zones with daily/weekly program.

Heat cost allocators are available in base models with one or two temperature sensors. This version is particularly indicated for systems characterised by a low number of apartments, since it only allows direct reading device by device. RADIO models give the possibility to collect consumption data through a network made by bi-directional antennas, and possibly to perform remote reading by adding two GSM modems. Finally, with "Walk-By" models all the consumption data are sent to a single mobile data collector, which is part of the equipment of the meter reading service. The data acquisition often works even from the outside, without the need for the person in charge to enter the building.

Valves and lockshields:
-        Body: nickel-plated CW617N brass
-        O-rings: peroxide EPDM
-        Valve flow rate pre-selector (where present): PPA
Thermostatic heads:
-        Knob: ABS
-        Thermostat: wax expansion (T 1000) or liquid expansion (T 5000 or DH 01)
-        Ring nut: CW617N brass
-        Connection: M30x1.5

Technical features

Head adjustment range: 6.5-27.5 °C (T 1000); 6.5-28 °C (T 5000/DH 01)
Head hystheresis: 0.65 K (T 1000); 0.5 K (T 5000/DH 01)
Head response time: 22 min (T 1000); 23 min (T 5000); 10 min (DH 01)
Max heating fluid temperature: 100 °C
Max differential pressure across the thermostatic valve: 0.2 bar
Max static working pressure: 10 bar
Heat cost allocators
Battery type: lithium
Battery life: 10 years
Temperature sensor range: 0-105 °C


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Energy meters MULTIENERGY
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