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IVAR - Components for heating and sanitary systems

Established in 1985, IVAR represents a growing business that focuses on the production of components for heating and sanitary systems. The range of items is very large and complete: more than 10.000 standard products and 5000 OEM products. The IVAR Group already employs more than 300 people, has a turnover of more than 100 milion €, branches in 10 countries and clients all over the world.

Our market surveys and the demands of our most qualified customers are trans- lated into new products by a modern and efficient engineering department which relies on the latest generation of software and technology. Thanks to its systematic use of 3D mechanical drawing and advanced CAD/CAM systems, IVAR is able in designing internally and autonomously all the new prod- ucts as well as the machinery and equipment necessary for manufacturing them.

IVAR is highly active in the field of research & development as it seeks out in- novative products, production processes and technologies that can improve the quality of its items. A modernly equipped laboratory for mechanical, thermal and fluid-dynamic tests is of great aid to project engineers intent on developing and engineering prototypes or meeting the requisites of standards that will bring product certifications. In this laboratory, products are also subjected to fatigue tests in variable torque, temperature and pressure conditions to ensure long- lasting performance and investigate further into the quality of the materials used. Complete working systems are set up in the laboratory to achieve a practi- cal simulation of the typical conditions in which our products are used and directly assess aspects that are sometimes considered marginal but are actually very important, such as practicality and simplicity of installation and maintenance.

In its present production facilities, IVAR carries out all the processes necessary for the manufacture. Bars of brass complying with strict UNI-EEC standards are the raw material used. The bars first undergo a hot-pressing treatment in the factories of the subsidiary firm Valmon Stampati S.p.A., followed by mechani- cal processing with CNC TRANSFER machines. The processing of all products like manifolds, which are instead directly obtained from the drawing bars, includes an extended thermal treatment in a special oven. After undergoing the conventional surface treatments – nickel or chrome plating – the parts are sent off to the final assembly line, this one is left up to automated and robotized processes that guarantee maximum productivity and maximum quality at the same time. During the assembly phase and before being packaged, all the products are subjected to a series of tests to ensure that they meet their individual specifications.


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