Diffuser by Elektrovent, The impulse axial scatter

Scatters of DIFFUSER line are designed to mix the air wherever there is the need to eliminate heat and humidity stratification, with consequent wastes of energy and discomfort for the people. For instance in industrial and commercial buildings, sporting halls, warehouses, stores, stock-farms etc.,


DIFFUSER provides the mixing of the air, even in big size environments, allowing a uniform temperature in any point and height. It is known that during the winter season, the hot air has the tendency to rise up to the top dispersing through the roof covering and windows.
An industrial environment heated with thermal appliances could have up to 15°C difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling. A great amount of energy is therefore wasted to guarantee a satisfactory temperature to the ground. During the summer season there is a stratification of the dumpy air towards the ground, therefore the mixing of this air, together with the opening of the windows, consent the renewal improving the living conditions.

The use of low energy consumption motors, low speed and adjustable, the design of the diffuser, impeller and casing, allow the best possible solution to the above mentioned problems.
DIFFUSER, if compared with the centrifugal systems, has the advantage of fewer installations (less connections and electrical consumptions), due to the greater area of influence.
The design of DIFFUSER and the speed adjustable motors avoid the arising of troublesome cold airflows and pulsations.

Technical features

DIFFUSER standard
- Conveyed air: clean, not abrasive.
- Temperature of conveyed air: -20°C / +50°C.
- Voltage:
Three-phase version (T) 400V-3Ph.
Single-phase version (M) 230V-1Ph speed adjustable.
- Frequency: 50Hz.
- Air flow from motor to impeller, position A (FMG).


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Diffuser by Elektrovent, The impulse axial scatter
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