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Aeraulic component for conditioning and refrigeration

From the past to the present
ELEKTROVENT was born in 1987 with the purpose to manufacture ventilation systems.
The engagement of the founders has allowed to go beyond creating a line of components that have become very soon the main activity.
From 2001 a new partnership has brought energies, enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the sector, practically a wave of modernity.
Elektrovent is today a specialized productive reality in the industrial ventilation and it has developed a range of fans for all the ventilation applications, with particular experience in the sectors of conditioning, sound-proofing, drying, refrigeration in industrial, commercial, zootechnical, naval, rail road applications etc.
The quality of our equipments, together with the professionality of our staff, concurs to execute special constructions on specific demand.

How we work

We carry out in person all the phases of the productive cycle: design, manufacturing, assembly and test of the main components of our fans, in particular we take care of the balancing of the impellers and about conveyors by cutting, drilling, bending and welding the metal sheets with our efficient machinery and specialized staff.
This symbol indicates the fans falling within the scope of directive 2009/125/EC, also note as Eco-Design. These fans are in conformity with regulation EU 327/2011 that defines the minimum energy efficiency level to enter the European Market

Our fans conform to the latest European and International directives on efficiency, safety in hazardous and smoke reservoir areas.          

Fans yes... But which ones?
Our program includes:
- plate mounted axial fans with speed adjustable compact motors or with traditional UNELMEC/IEC electric motors;
- ring and ducted axial fans, with high efficiency airfoil impeller, diameter from 250 up to 1400 mm and over;
- scatters for industrial environments includinganual and automatic regulators;
- high temperature fans for smoke extraction certified for working at 600° C/120’-400° C/120’-200°/120’ etc. according to EN 12101-3;
- explosion proof fans for installation in hazardous areas according to the European
ATEX directive 94/9/CE (II 2G or II 3G);
- roof fans to extract or intake large volumes of air with low noise level;
- a series of components as impellers and conveyors, manufactured with materials suitable for the different situations (aluminum, technopolymer, stainless steel, painted steel, etc.).
- a range of centrifugal fans, cabinet fans, heat recovery units, speed controllers and accessories in continuos development

From the Idea to the Practice

Thanks to the productive flexibility, constant research and technological innovation, the Elektrovent line of fans fulfills all requirements of a market in continuous evolution. From this perspective our Technical Commercial Office is able to assist our customers on selecting the most suitable product or system, proposing customized and technically reliable solutions. The quality of our service is guaranteed by the experience matured in the sector, the constant support of the Technical Office and the acknowledgment resulting from the use of the CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics). CFD is able to simulate and determine all the fluid-dynamic variables of a ventilation system or a fan in the conditions of work set. Analysis proceeds from a 3D mathematical model here the specific parameters of the system (air, temperature, transitions) and materials featuring the project are entered. CFD analysis is mainly required in the underground car parks ventilation based on a distribution of a series of axial or centrifugal impulse fans (JP-DUCT or JP-CENTRY) having the double duty to create an airflow in the ground level to intake the air from outside and convey it to the fans; while on the ceiling, the airflow is threw fan by fan and lead to the discharge points,avoiding the installation of ducting.

In ELEKTROVENT we use this type of analysis not only to facilitate the design stage, but also to check the different solutions offered. Parameters to be considered are for example: air speed, static pressure, temperature, thermal dissipation, etc. ELEKTROVENT plays an incessant activity of development of the product using the CFD software also for the design of our impellers (both axial or centrifugal).

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