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Bitron invests in Biomass, an environment friendly growing market

The Bitron Group invests in Biomass sector with performing and innovative components for pellet stoves.
Due to the growth of Biomass market in Italy and in the other countries, Bitron – multinational Company leader in development and production of components for Automotive, Appliance, HVAC and Energy sector – invests resources in research and technology to develop a wide range of systems and components for pellets stoves.

With an experience of over 50 years, the Bitron Group is the ideal partner to supply OEMs in the production of pellets stoves. We can develop high performing systems and components with 7 plants in Italy and 6 abroad, guaranteeing to the customers an excellent quality and a flexible logistics.

Bitron develops and produces mechatronic components, exploiting vertical integration that assure a control on the entire production cycle. The experience across the different markets is an important industrial plus, especially as regards the know-how transfer in the Biomass field, that requires an high level of technology.

A wide range of products for pellets stoves

Bitron Group offers a wide range of high performing products for the pellets stoves: the gear motor, entirely developed in Bitron Cormano (MI) plant, the Differential low pressure switch, the Safety Valve, the Flow Switch, the Hydraulic Group and different Electronic Components.

The important production volumes of Bitron manufacturing cycles (in particular for Appliance, Vending and HVAC industry) allow a cost reduction, keeping an high quality standards on product and a flexible logistic service adaptable to every needs.

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Bitron invests in Biomass, an environment friendly growing market
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